Front of House Policy

  1. The Front of House Coordinator shall be a role appointed by the committee, or else shall form part of the role of the Vice Chair.
  2. There must be a front of house team present at every event at the Lion Theatre which is open to the public.
  3. The team must comprise a Team Leader, and at least two other volunteers, who may or may not be paid up members of Horncastle Theatre Company.
  4. The team must include at least one member who is trained in first aid, unless alternative arrangements have been made.
  5. The Team Leader shall be responsible for managing the team and ensuring audience safety during the performance, completing all steps listed in the Front of House Checklist provided. The Team Leader shall be responsible to the Stage Manager during the performance.
  6. There MUST be at least one member of the Front of House team present in the auditorium at ALL times while the performance is in progress.
  7. All members of the Front of House team are expected to arrive no later than ten minutes before doors open to the public (usually 7PM and 2.30PM for matinées) to prepare the auditorium, and remain in the Theatre until the end of the performance, unless by special arrangement.
  8. Volunteers should be dressed smartly, and wear a Front of House lanyard at all times while on duty, to ensure they are visible to the public. Directors may request that volunteers wear costume themed to the performance (i.e., period costume).
  9. Training is available on request to all Front of House volunteers.
  10. Silence should be maintained during the performance, including in the theatre foyer, and mobile phones should be switched to aeroplane mode.
FOH Procedures 20.11.2018