Hire Policy

  1. The Company hires out its theatre and equipment from time to time.
  2. The Theatre shall only be available for hire in the week following the conclusion of a Company production, before the next set is built.
  3. A dedicated ‘meet and greet’ volunteer will be appointed to welcome hirers to the theatre and show them around.
  4. Hirers shall provide their own lighting, sound and technical team, unless by prior arrangement.
  5. Visiting productions which include music will pay a higher charge to reflect the PRS fee payable by the Company.
  6. All applications for the hire of the Theatre must be made on the hiring form and forwarded on completion to the Chairman of the Horncastle Theatre Company.
  7. The person by whom this application is signed shall be considered the Hirer.  Where a promoting organisation is named above, that organisation shall also be considered the hirer and shall be jointly and severally liable with the person who signs this form.
  8. No copyright dramatic or musical work shall be performed without the licence of the owner of the copyright and all such licences shall be produced on request before the start of the hiring.  The Hirer shall indemnify the owners of the Theatre against any copyright infringement which may occur during the hiring.
  9. The selling of food/drink at performances needs to be agreed at time of hiring.
  10. All conditions attached to the Theatre Licence as required by the Theatres Act 1968 s 12 for the Theatre must be observed.  A copy of the Licence may be seen on application to the Secretary and the Hirer shall be deemed to have notice of all such conditions.
  11. The hiring of the Theatre must be only for the purpose agreed by the Hirer and the Theatre management.
  12. The hirer must not sub-let all or part of the Theatre.
  13. The Hirer is responsible for any damage to the Theatre building, its fixtures or fittings and any property within the theatre, which occurs during the period of the hiring or whilst people are entering or leaving the Theatre as a result of the hiring however or by whomever caused.
  14. The owners of the Theatre and Horncastle Theatre Co shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any property arising out of the hiring nor for any loss, damage or injury, however caused, which may occur to any person using the Theatre during the hiring, nor for any loss due to the breakdown of machinery, failure in supply of gas or electricity, leakage of water, fire, government restriction or force majeur which may cause the Theatre to be closed or for the hiring to be interrupted or cancelled. The hirer shall indemnify the owner of the Theatre against any claim arising out of the hiring or which is made by anyone using the Theatre during the hiring in respect of any such loss or injury.
  15. The Hirer is responsible for keeping good order in the Theatre during the hiring and the owner may charge the Hirer for any additional expense incurred for engaging the Police to preserve order before, during and after any entertainment or meeting held at the Theatre by the Hirer.
  16. The Hirer must leave the Theatre in a clean and orderly state at the end of the hiring.
  17. No flags, emblems or other decorations may be displayed outside the Theatre without the consent of the manager of the Red Lion Hotel.
  18. No exits may be blocked nor chairs or obstructions placed in corridors, nor may the fire appliances be moved or tampered with and no vehicles may be parked in the adjoining car park of the Red Lion Hotel at any time during the hire period.
  19. The maximum seating capacity of the Theatre is 96 which is the maximum allowed by the Local Authority and the Hirer must not exceed this limit.
  20. The hirer should provide Horncastle Theatre Company with a risk assessment for any rehearsal, production or performance they intend to complete during the period of hire.
  21. All electrical appliances owned and used by the hirer must be tested in line with the current Electricity at work act and if requested copies of test certificates must be provided.
  22. The hirer should have public liability insurance with a minimum of £2,000,000 but preferably £5,000,000.
  23. The hirer shall ensure all persons under their control or employ will be made aware of the emergency procedures currently in force by Horncastle Theatre company and comply fully with all aspects of these.