Auditions are open to all, not just current members, and new faces are always welcome!

Murder Mystery – 7.30, Tuesday 6th June

David will be auditioning for the Murder Mystery from 7.30pm on Tuesday 6th June. The play will be performed at the Community Centre on Saturday 15th July. It will be an interactive production – food will be served during two intervals and the audience will have the opportunity to question members of the cast. The play is an adaption of the one performed at the Christmas Dinner in December with the addition of several characters and is based around a production of Macbeth. Although this is initially a ‘one-off’, if successful it could be repeated at other venues.

Cast :
Jane Madsen (Witch 1)
Dana Miller (Witch 2)
Ann Kindberg (Witch 3)
Greg Smallwood (Stage manager, generally grumpy)
Sparks O’Reilly (Lighting, sound technician, gets on with the job)
Glenda Bottomly (Props manager, a bit OCD about her props)
Dorothy Adams (Lead actress, prima donna, wife of director)
Don Appleby (Lead actor, been there, played every part, playing Macbeth)
Siobhan Lovelace (Young attractive, loved by all the men, playing Lady Macbeth.)
DCI Ted Brown (Slightly scruffy policeman but deceptively perceptive)
DS Cowley (Young ambitious detective sergeant. M or F)

And Then There Were None – 7.30, Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th June

Wendy will be auditioning for the September Agatha Christie production from 7.30pm.
Ten guilty strangers are trapped on an island . One by one they are accused of murder and one by one they start to die! Statuettes of little soldiers on the mantelpiece fall to the floor and breaks as each victim succumbs to the diabolical avenger!
Cast of 12 – M9 (20s, 30s, middle age, elderly) F3 (25, middle age)
Scripts are available from Wendy on request.