Auditions are open to all, not just current members, and new faces are always welcome!

Bedroom Farce – 7.30, Monday 24th and Wednesday 26th July

Penny will be auditioning for the November/December production by Alan Ayckbourn. 


Ernest: A birdlike, bumbling man of about 60. Husband of Delia, father of Trevor. 

Delia: A well preserved, talkative woman of about 60. Wife of Ernest, mother of Trevor. 

Trevor: A self-obsessed, not too intelligent man who drives other men crazy but who women can find charming and funny. He can be in his mid to late 20’s – 30’s. Husband to Susannah, son of Ernest and Delia, ex-boyfriend of Jan. 

Susannah: Also in her 20’s or 30’s, Susannah is Trevor’s (also self-obsessed) wife. She is slightly unbalanced and volatile. 

Jan: Wife to Nick, ex-girlfriend of Trevor. Jan and Nick have a “point scoring” kind of relationship full of put downs and gentle insults, but ultimately it works for them. Also can be in her 20’s – 30’s. 

Nick: Jan’s husband who spends the play complaining, as he is in bed with an injured back. Also in his 20’s – 30’s.

Kate: Malcolm’s wife. A kind soul. Also can be in her 20’s – 30’s. 

Malcolm: Kate’s husband. Kate and Malcolm have a lively relationship and are always playing pranks on each other. Also in his 20’s – 30’s.