Support the Theatre

How can you support us?

The best way to support Horncastle Theatre Company is, of course, to come and be in the audience of our many and varied productions, and if you think we put on a good performance, to tell your friends about us!

However, you may also wish to become a member, or a Friend of the Lion Theatre (FOTL).

If you are considering becoming a member, you are welcome to come along to any rehearsal, audition or meeting and speak to the members.

Friends of the Lion Theatre

Membership of Friends of the Lion Theatre is for anyone who wishes to support the Theatre Company without taking an active part.

It includes free beverages at any production, on production of a membership card, a quarterly newsletter, theatre updates, and occasional special offers.

It costs £5.00 annually, to be renewed on 1st April each year.

You can download an application form here.