The Sellwood Girls

Saturday, 29th October 2016 at 6.00pm
at the Lion Theatre
Horncastle Theatre Company presents The Sellwood Girls, a play in one act by Margaret Compton

Please note the 8pm performance has now been cancelled.

‘The Sellwood Girls’: Emily, Anne and Louisa Sellwood were born and brought up in Horncastle, Lincolnshire. Their father was a solicitor. Their mother died soon after Louisa was born and an unmarried Franklin aunt came to care for the children. In 1827, the girls attended a boarding school in Brighton.
Emily and Louisa married the Tennyson brothers Alfred and Charles, who grew up in Somersby in the Lincolnshire Wolds.  Anne married Charles Weld. Their stories are characterised by hope and anxiety, love and loss, delight and despair, illness, guilt and, eventually, reconciliation. These stories emerge throughout the play.

Hallam Tennyson (son of Alfred and Emily) is completing a submission to a playwriting event at the University of The Wolds – ‘Bring-along-a-script, ‘ In seeking to give a voice to his mother and aunts, he finds a voice for himself. Hallam imagines the 3 sisters together in the garden of their boarding school in Brighton, 1827. He becomes the involved narrator.  The girls reflect on their home life, then imagine future husbands (who appear silently to illustrate these visions).

The girls are transformed into their adult selves and through narration, reflection and discussion, they review their lives. Eventually they address Hallam directly, so that he becomes not only writer and narrator but also involved in the interactions and emotional development.

One night only.