Audition dates for The Ghost Train are next Wednesday 20th March and Friday 29th March both at 7:30.

The Ghost Train Characters –

SAUL HODGKIN      Station Master at Fal Vale Station,  calls for a Cornish accent, elderly


ELSIE WINTHROP     any age

CHARLES  MURDOCK         junior partner in Murdock & Son youngish

PEGGY MURDOCK       Charles newly married wife,  youngish                               

MISS BOURNE       elderly, spends most of Act 2 and all of Act 3 asleep

TEDDIE DEAKIN         a monocled wimp (in fact a Detective Inspector in the Secret Service)

JULIA PRICE              glamorous, neurotic, youngish                  

HERBERT PRICE            Julia’s father

JOHN STERLING                      Julia’s doctor   any age

JACKSON                 police officer doesn’t appear until page 86

SMITH                         non speaking, only appears at end of play

Age of all characters is fluid.

Please come along to the auditions.  If you can’t make either dates and you are interested in being part of this production let me know.

Brian is stage managing this production so if you are interested in working backstage with him please contact him                                                                                 


The Ghost Train was first produced in 1925 and our production will be set in that era so it is most definitely a period piece with the dialogue and mannerisms of that time.

6 passengers are stranded on a small wayside Cornish station and despite the station master’s stories of a ghost train they decide to stay the night.

EXTRA LONG REHEARSAL TIME    Production Dates 3rd to 6th July 2019. 

Scripts available 

Hope to see you at the auditions. Cilla

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Auditions are open to all, not just current members, and new faces are always welcome! You do not need to prepare and audition pieces will be provided on the night.